A huge win for the people in the Netherlands:

I and others have said it before: ‘No farms, no food.’ But if the Great Reset boys get their way, that is not a problem, since the elites want us all to feast on insects anyway, while they still get to enjoy their steaks in private. Under the guise of saving the planet, the secular left have been waging war on farmers, and Holland has been at the forefront of this.

The EU and elitist governments are wanting to shut down small farms as part of their plans to get ever more control over the masses. And the perfect way to do this is for the state to get full control of food production. That is what this battle is all about.

They are using the excuse of a ‘nitrogen crisis.’ They think the farmers are polluting the planet by the use of fertilisers and the like. So to keep us all safe, they want to squash these hard-working farmers, closing down so many viable and productive farms. We don’t want to think about how the Dutch – and others – will be fed if the elites head down this path.

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