This coming winter, there may be blackouts in Australia’s southern states, according to a new assessment from the country’s energy market operator (AEMO), shifting the spotlight in the “continuing dangers” of “gas supply deficits”.

While overall gas output was predicted to be “sufficient” through 2027, the AEMO assessment indicated that there might be deficits during times of increased demand, such as during extreme weather conditions.

While there is often enough gas supply to fulfill demand, peak day shortages are possible, according to AEMO CEO Daniel Westerman.

“Those shortfalls might exist when there is ultra-high demand on both gas for power system and gas for heating.”

According to the assessment, there will likely be further issues with gas supply beyond 2027, with Victoria’s decreased production playing a significant role in the potential crisis.

The output of gas in Victoria is predicted to shrink by 16% this year and nearly 50% by 2027.

Despite this, Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews has opted not to approve further gas drilling and has instead urged the federal government to curtail exports from the three largest gas producers in Queensland.

Andrews proclaimed, “We’re not going to smash up our pristine environment, or our wine country or our dairy country.”

“Our gas that comes out of our seabed and our ground should be for our businesses and our households first. What we don’t need, sell that to the world.”





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