The West Australian government has finally released its 2021 vaccine safety surveillance report,1 6 months behind its promised publication date of August 2022. The equivalent national report was released in September of last year.

WA Gov has offered no reason for why they sat on this report for so long before publishing it, but the attitude of Minister for Health, Amber-Jade Sanderson gives a clue. When petitioned last year by thousands of West Australians to publicly release the health advice on which WA Gov based their extreme pandemic policies, Sanderson not only refused to make the health advice freely available, but countered that in asking for transparency from the government, petitioners were somehow seeking to, “undermine the Government’s efforts to keep Western Australians safe.” So much for the Labor government’s much touted promise of ‘gold standard transparency.’

Unique to WA vaccine safety surveillance data from 2021 is the fact that vaccine effects can be easily differentiated from Covid infection effects. There was almost no Covid in WA in 2021, due to WA’s extreme zero covid policies.2 In contrast, almost four million doses of Covid vaccination were administered to the population during 2021.

The Covid jab rollout began on 22 February 2021 in Western Australia. You can see when it began.


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