With a recent permit being in effect, an oil field may be situated in the midst of the area where the final 300 North Atlantic right whales cluster.

A gigantic offshore wind farm with 62 enormous turbines will be constructed by Vineyard Wind 15 miles off the coast of Massachusetts beginning in May. There has been no protest from environmentalists or the media over the permits to harass marine life, the Daily Sceptic reported.

As the Biden Administration increases its commitment to so-called green energy, the Vineyard Wind project is only a small portion of the industrialisation of America’s eastern coastline waters that is planned.


READ MORE ON THIS STORY HERE: https://dailysceptic.org/2023/03/16/massive-u-s-offshore-wind-farm-given-permit-to-harm-hundreds-of-whales-and-thousands-of-dolphins/

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